I’m just this guy who’s got a PhD in evolutionary biology, but now writes software for a living.

I get bored. I write stuff.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Hello! I wonder how you made Canon Powershot G3 work in Vista? I just tried, but with no luck. 😦 Thanks in advance! /Daniel

  2. Dr Herbie Says:

    Hi Daniel,
    Well, I just plugged the camera in and it worked, no voodoo involved. I can’t remember if I had to make a selection the first time, but now when I plug it in it just automatically starts copying. Sorry, but that’s all I did.


  3. Dr. Germ Says:


    I am curious, what software are you using for your modelling (the graphics) on this blog; also is your code written in C++?


  4. Dr Herbie Says:


    The graphics are mainly Excel 2007 for data and a combination of Inkscape and Paint.net (both of which are free and open source) for diagrams.

    The code itself is written in C# – if you are using Windows, you can get Visual Studio C# Express free from Microsoft. I haven’t tried this code on Mono (if you’re running Linux), but I think it should work.

    Converting the code to C++ should be relatively easy (much of the current code if based on old C++ code I wrote about 10 years ag).


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